Audio, Lighting, & Video Integration

Our integration division connects you to your audience by creating immersive environments through cohesive system designs, industry-leading technologies, and solid engineering experience. 

This ensures we don’t just create a space that’s pretty, but we truly customize a space that’s functional, too. Our systems include audio, lighting and video capabilities for a wide range of clients—big or small.


Our Process


We get all of the stakeholders in the same room and on the same page to discuss immediate needs and future goals. Current gear and workflow are evaluated so we can truly transform the space and customize to our clients’ needs.



This phase includes system schematics, configurations, pre-visualizations, line item pricing and more—we put all ideas on paper before any money is spent. And unlike most retailers, we offer cost plus uniform pricing on gear.


Our team of experienced engineers and installers are on-site to install, test and commission the system. We make sure the system is fine-tuned and operating to the specifications outlined in the design.



Even the best equipment in the world is useless if it isn’t used correctly. That’s why we stay on-site with volunteers and staff for training. We make sure they know how to run the system smoothly and comfortably.  

Client Highlights

Community Bible Church

Saint Thomas Hospital

Bridgestone Arena

King Street Church

Biltmore Church

The Lampo Group

The Church at Brook Hills

Green Acres Baptist Church 

North Point Community Church