Award-winning Audio System Install at Green Acres Baptist Church

The Solomon Award-winning design and installation helps the Texas Megachurch achieve goals of longevity

Nashville-based live production and integration company Morris completed a fiber-based, live performance system design and installation for Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX. To help the church reach its production goals, Morris’ work brought new technology from vendors d&b audiotechnik, SSL, and Yamaha to a traditional space. Morris’ audio system design and installation also recently earned a Solomon Award.

“From system design and commissioning to on-site installation, Green Acres was a fulfilling project for us to take on,” said Morris Integration Director of Operations Phil Hagood. “Our team excels in house of worship audio, video, and lighting renovations, so we enjoyed putting the Morris process to work for the Green Acres team.”

The audio system design and installation at Green Acres showcases several unique elements including the d&b audiotechnik V-Series audio system with ArrayProcessing. This technology allowed Morris to provide consistent, even sound to everyone in the 4,500-seat worship center. ArrayProcessing creates a more intimate worship space for the large congregation by ensuring there is only one dB of loss between the front and back rows. 

“This new d&b audiotechnik ArrayProcessing tool allows the design and system engineers to achieve an unprecedented frequency response at every seat,” said Morris Sr. Audio Engineer John Mills. “I will definitely specify d&b audiotechnik ArrayProcessing on projects in the future.”

Through the design process, Morris maintained a focus on sound quality for consoles that provided the best one-to-one translation technology for on-stage acts. Based on the flexibility of the Solid State Logic (SSL) Live platform, the team installed one of the largest SSL units available, the SSL 500 Plus, one at the front of the house and one at the monitors. Morris also chose the Yamaha Nuage system for the 128-channel recording studio. Morris designed a system that is not only scalable for Green Acres through the years, but also makes the worship center rider-friendly for touring Christian artists who are performing in the area. 

“The guys at Morris were invaluable at looking ahead at future needs. Their in-the-field experience and knowledge made my decisions on systems easy,” said Green Acres Director of Audio Mark Leonard. “Even for being on totally new equipment for the first time, the sound was incredible. One of the biggest surprises we experienced was from our senior adult members who commented on how much better they could hear and understand. Our gain before feedback and intelligibility on the choir was unbelievable and the pastors voice sounded clearer and more intelligible than ever before.”