Bridgestone Arena Collaboration Results in Excitement for 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Bridgestone Arena Collaboration Results in Excitement for 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

As the Nashville Predators advanced their way through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the production team at Bridgestone Arena knew they had to rely on partners with specific skill sets to help them quickly create an exciting and engaging experience for fans worthy of a playoff team and venue.  With little time to plan and prepare, Director of Technical Operations for the Nashville Predators, David Graham knew who to turn to - MooTV who supplied internal and external video production and on-ice projection, Morris for internal and external lighting design and production and PixMob who supplied the LED wristbands that transform individual fans into an arena-wide unified crowd.

While Bridgestone Arena is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and lighting gear appropriate for high caliber performances, when planning for the Playoffs Graham knew a few additional tools were needed to make the production an experience that Nashville would be proud of. “This included working with companies who shared our vision, had the right equipment to execute that vision and could deliver on short notice.” Graham stated.

MooTV, an award-winning video company based in Nashville, TN, supplied creative and vivid video and on-ice projection for both inside the arena and for the outside viewing parties assuring the same experience for all fans, wherever they were located. Morris, a production and integration company also in Nashville, provided additional lighting support and lighting design inside the arena and throughout downtown locations. PixMob pulled it all together with LED wristbands for inside the stadium, incorporating the inside fans into each show while collaborating with the other companies to create a unified fan experience. 

As the craze and demand for outdoor watch parties grew in intensity toward the playoffs, Moo TV worked with the Predators and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. to supply on-ice projection in the arena and viewing screens throughout Walk of Fame Park, on Broadway and in Ascend Amphitheater. “Simultaneous video feeds are complex,” Andrew Burnett, a project manager at Moo TV said, “but working with multiple stakeholders and coordinating with NBC and the National Hockey League made logistics an undertaking that we were able to successfully achieve.”

At Morris, the process began in the pre-visualization suite- a 500 sq. ft. space where they put together a model for the games. Multiple 50-inch screens and 3-D technology were used to simulate the exact lighting design that the crowd plus 1.3 million viewers saw across network television. “The design is an imperative part of the process,” Luke Lowes, Morris account manager said. “When working with different AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting) companies, it’s the best and most efficient way to see how all the gear will work together come game time.” 

PixMob, provided the LED wristbands that illuminate fan’s wrists to bring them closer to the show. The wristbands not only sync with the music but also coordinate with the lighting and video. “We were really excited to bring the show even closer to the fans for a second year,” PixMob partner, J-O Dalphond said. “It was great to work with Morris for programming to coordinate the wristbands with the intense lighting experience being provided and we were glad to liven-up something as high-energy as the playoffs.” 

Along with the pressure to have an epic show that hockey fans expect in the playoffs, the companies were faced with a limited amount of planning time. Throughout the playoffs, production companies are not given the opportunity to plan past Game 5 due to the uncertain outcome of the games. Considering the circumstances, everyone needed to be prepared for four different scenarios; whether the Predators won or lost, and had home or away games. “We wanted to make it the best show we could, given the limited amount of time we had to plan, and working with Bridgestone and great partners like MooTV and PixMob enabled us all to show the Predator’s colors proudly.” Lowes said.

“All three companies were great to work with throughout the hustle of hockey season,” Graham said. “They were able to work with the intensity of the varied schedules and delivered the necessary equipment upon request.”

Even through the outcome of Game 7, the whole attitude of the arena was positive. From the lights that shined blue and gold, to the audience chanting “Thank you Predators!” which permeated from the arena to the streets, each company brought what they do best to the games. This achieved a hugely remarkable experience for a team that made history for the city of Nashville.