In recent years, Old Dominion has become a force in country music, and Morris has powered their production along the way.


Connections Get You Everywhere

We’ve been with Old Dominion from the beginning. When they became the opening act for one of country music’s largest tours, they decided to amp up their production – and fast. Through experience with acts like Kenny Chesney and Hall & Oates, we have the resources and connections to scale as bands grow, so we got right to it.

We quickly partnered with the band’s management company Morris Higham, their lighting designer Travis Shirley, and their touring team to create a new, edgy look for Old Dominion. Once the design was approved, we worked with manufacturers to bring the design to life, ensuring that implementation would be possible within the band’s space, function, and budget parameters.

The Gear

Portman P1, Robe Spiider, and Martin VDO Sceptron 10 are a few of the primary fixtures we used to create Old Dominion’s new look. We continuously update our inventory to reflect industry trends, and we’re one of the first in North America to invest in Portman P1 and Robe Spiider. The Portman P1 fixtures create a warm tungsten look and the Robe Spiider is used for LED wash and stunning special effects. The Martin VDO Sceptron 10 is a unique linear LED fixture that is driven with video content through the MA VPU.

The band’s audio needs have also evolved, so we upgraded their audio package to include two Solid State Logic L300 consoles. Old Dominion’s new lighting rig and audio package meant moving from a bus and trailer to a semi, which we also facilitated with our trucking partner On Tour Logistics.

This big move presented big challenges, but with more than two decades of experience in the industry, we successfully navigated the needs of a growing act. In touring production, it’s all about experience, hard work, and problem solving.

“We enjoy working with artists from concept to execution, providing resources and consulting along the way. It not only requires coordination between management, artists, designers and manufacturers, but also a passion to help make the artists’ vision a reality on stage.”
— David Haskell, President, Morris



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