Morris Light & Sound

David Haskell

President / Director of Business Development

Joseph Logsdon

Senior Account Manager

Luke Lowes

Senior Project Manager

Skylar Galayda

Project Manager

Ben Schmitt

Audio Department Manager

Ashley Felts

Audio Department Assistant Manager

Rich Rossey

Cable Department Lead

Neil Davis

Facilities and Rigging Department Manager

Chad Clark

Service Manager

 Garrison Frick

Flex & Inventory Control Manager

Gordon Buchanan

General Manager

Andrew Sullivan

Account Manager

Collin McGinn

Associate Account Manager

Han Henze

Lighting Department Manager

Steven Morgan


Jeremy Taylor

Moving Lights Manager

Daniel Duncan

Lighting Department Assistant Manager

Cortney Moon

Motor Maintenance Lead

Matt Larsen

Lead Lighting Tech 

 Peter Moore

Inventory Control Manager


Morris Integration

Philip Hagood

General Manager

Paul Holst

Purchasing Manager/Designer

Josiah Harmon

Associate Project Manager

Collin Adams

Design Engineer

Hunter Stewart

Audio-Visual Drafter

Wade Russell

Assistant General Manager

Ron Cochran

Senior Relationship Manager

Dustin Burggraaf

Lead Project Manager

Jon Conant

Systems Programmer

Austin White

Installation Engineer


The Tracking Room

Matt Leigh

Studio Manager

Bryce Roberts

Staff Engineer


Marketing & Events

Alexa Simpson

Director of Marketing

Matt Zahn

Marketing Coordinator

Kristen Wilkins

Special Events & Merchandise Manager

Josh Davis

Integration Marketing Coordinator


Accounting & Administration

Pam Lindemann

HR, Payroll & Benefits Manager

Lindsey Wines 

Administrative Assistant / Accounts Payable Specialist 

Wendy Barbarotto

Director of Finance

Kim Arnold

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Zack Morris

Chief Operating Officer


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